Sudanese Peace Music Festival, 13th of July - Offenbach, Germany

The Sudanese Peace Music Festival in Offenbach was our inaugural free community event which took place on 13 July at Hafen 2, a cultural center and events space - so as to collectively rally our voices in promotion of peace, freedom and justice. The event provided a curated and eclectic mix of live Sudanese music and modern art; and featured the talents of fifteen gifted musicians, and ten distinguished visual artists:

Musical lineup: Abazar Hamid, Abbass Anoor, Ahmed Asery*, Al Zain Al Mubarak, Ibrahim Abdel Halim, Mhdia, Moaz Osman, Moody, Nala, Sadig S. Gibril, Saef-El Deen, Salute yal Banoot, Shurooq Abu el-Nas, Tamador Sheikh El Din , and Tarig Abu Shanab.

Works of art by: Alaa Satir, Al Migdad Al Dikhiri , Enas Satir, Galal Yousif , Hassan Musa, Islam Zian-Alabdeen, Khalid Albaih, Mohamed Moawi Dardiri , Yassir Abuelharam, and Zaki Al Maboren.

The festival also featured powerful musical performances by Adam Barnes, Einsneunzig, Jonas Noack, and Mudwell – four accomplished European artists who share our commitment to peace, democracy, and the healing power of intercultural dialogue.

The day culminated with a live art performance by the visionary Hassan Musa in a work entitled “Blood is Thicker Than Water” as a tribute to the who sacrificed their lives to realize the dream of a new nation, and to the Sudanese women who were savagely raped for expressing their right of self-determination.

* Ahmed is a talented Yemeni singer-songwriter who sings Sudanese classics and revolutionary tunes 

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Due thanks to our allies

Videography by Alex & Alex

Photography by To-Kuehne

Poster design by Hana Saleh

YouTube by Muaz Osman