Come join us in Khartoum on 21-23 November to promote peace, arts, and culture in Sudan !


This is a FREE community event organized to promote peace, arts, and culture in Sudan. Everyone is welcome to attend and experience the great talent that the Sudanese community has to offer. This three-day festival will provide a curated experience that blends musical performances, an art exhibition and a mural that will showcase some of the best talent that Sudan has to offer – with creative collaboration as a central and cross-cutting theme. The festival is a strictly a nonpolitical and nonpartisan event, our only aspiration is to support a vibrant Sudan for all.


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Featuring an art exhibition and a collaborative mural by four eminent artists; Alaa Satir, Galal Yousef, Mohamed Hamid, and Mohamed Dardiri. You can also expect musical performances by some of the best talent in Sudan including Aslaf Band, Aswat Almadina, Fadul Ayub, Igd El Djilad, Mahdia, Nancy Ajaj, Reggae Everywhere, Salute Yal Bannot, Sudan Drums, Sudan Roots, and WD Alzain and Sanrise



The festival is a FREE event to ensure that anyone with an interest can attend. It will be funded primarily via your generous donations so we greatly appreciate your love and backing! Our collective vision for a diverse, safe, and vibrant Sudan starts with you, and can only be realized with your generous support!



In parallel to the art and music performances, we will be hosting a number of workshops which will be led by topic experts covering a wide variety of topics from visual arts to nutrition, and women's empowerment to intellectual property rights, as well as master-classes for creatives on music, branding, YouTube content, and more. There will also be a number of other equally impactful social initiatives, such as a blood collection drive, and an opportunity to donate used books to an impactful upcoming library initiative.


honor our martyrs

More than 100 were killed, and 70 raped during the popular revolution that swept through Sudan in 2018. We are committed to honoring the memory of our fallen martyrs, and wronged sisters to uphold our promise to their parents and families that they will never be forgotten.


About us

SPMF is a collaborative undertaking by Sudanese from different walks of life who found one another in their journey to support the popular revolution and the people’s collective call for a civilian state.